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LA Weight Loss has been in the business of transforming and enriching lives with a proven approach to rapid, safe and reliable weight loss since 1997. We’ve helped countless people feel more confident, look younger, healthier and happier than ever.

Wherever you are, we bring the countless years of weight loss experience, expertise and invaluable weight loss tools of to you – delivered directly to your door!

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The LA Weight Loss secret to success: our 3-part success system!

Our 3 part success system covers all of the bases needed to keep your metabolism in overdrive. The LA Menu Plan gives you the healthy-habit knowledge to balance your nutrition, LA Bars give you the freedom to satisfy your sweet tooth and snack guilt-free, and LA Weight Loss line of Nutritionals give your body much-needed nutrients to optimize your weight loss. Find out more below!

What you'll do:
Keep cravings in check

How you'll do it:

With delicious LA Bars! Sinful sweets can be the achilles heel that hinders weight loss progress, but on an LA Weight Loss program you don’t have to worry, you can indulge guilt-free.

Each LA program gives you the flexibility to incorporate LA Bars – a perfectly portioned snack that kills cravings and satisfies the most insatiable sweet tooth. Available in a variety of different flavors, you won’t be able to resist, but—the best part is that you don’t have to! Shop LA Bars

What you'll do:
Give your body the nutrients it needs

How you'll do it:

LA Weight Loss nutrition plans in combination with our exclusively formulated LA SlimMetric line of supplements creates a complete weight loss system like no other. Our health supplements range from essential products like our MultiVites complete multivitamin and OmegaTrim, to solution oriented products like Fiber X, Quick Release and Boost- for those in need of a metabolic charge! You’ll benefit from the latest in weight loss science and pharmaceutical advancements to help you gain control, improve your health and hit your goal!
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Body Mass Index (BMI), is a factor indicator for defining whether or not you’re currently in a healthy weight range. We’ve developed or if you could benefit from a healthy lifestyle change.

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